Umm, no, well, just no

The Rev. Scott Moore said he knows who had a hand in the deciding vote that kept Rogersville dry Tuesday.

“I told my wife if we win by one vote, that means God cast a vote in this decision,” the Rogersville First Baptist Church pastor said after learning the town voted 219-218 against legalizing alcohol sales.

“I’m just thrilled we had one more vote no than yes,” Moore said. “It’s amazing how much difference one vote can make in a race.”

Moore said former Alabama football star Siran Stacy spoke Sunday in Rogersville about the dangers of alcohol, and he believes that made an impact. Stacy’s wife and four of his children were killed in a car accident involving a drunken driver.

Moore believes the no vote is a statement from the town.

Yes, it does seem to be a statement.

That the people of Rogersville would rather people went driving for their drink so that yet more families can suffer the appalling tragedy that that of Mr. Stacy did.

There are times when localism is a really good idea: having a few pints and then meandering home being one of them.

\”Meander\” to mean bouncing off a few lamposts while riding Shank\’s Pony rather than Detroit\’s finest.

5 thoughts on “Umm, no, well, just no”

  1. So the Rev. Scott Moore is suggesting that the people of the town voted 218 – 218 ie: a tied vote. But then God cast his vote to break the tie? Does this mean that God in His wisdom has determined that homo sapiens at large should not have access to any form of alcohol, or is His view confined to the good people of Rogersville.
    Why Rogersville?
    I guess the defeated 218 can access alcohol by visiting a neighbouring town where God has failed to intervene.

  2. According to Freakonomics, you are more likely to cause death or serious injury by walking home from the pub than by driving home drunk.

    Presumably when sober drivers crash into lampposts trying to avoid you when you stagger out into the road.

    A marvellously morbid statistic.

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