Vote for me!

The High Pay Commission has put up my submission.


You can vote on which are the best suggestions (and, to be fair, which are the worst): Polly and David put up a chapter of their recent book.

Make up your own minds….

2 thoughts on “Vote for me!”

  1. your position is inconsistent with your views on tax incidence.

    to say saving on wages would go straight into profits is the same as saying corporate taxes come straight out of profits.

    Tim adds: First and second order effects.

    Of course, to refute my point made there then the Compass peeps are going to have to then argue that it’s the workers that pay the corporation tax: ain’t gonna happen, is it?

  2. Blimey but there’s a bunch of morons in the submissions so far.

    I’m sorely tempted to stick in a submission saying “it’s the private sector – if it was costing companies too much, they’d cut it themselves. The market clearly bears it, so what’s the problem? Other than jealousy. Which you’re fanning”.

    No-one, but no-one, even mentions any possible downsides to this kind of intrusive regulation. Morons.

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