Whooo boy, am I conflicted!

The president of the European Union has warned that the EU could collapse unless the debt crisis that is gripping the region is resolved.

Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, raised the stakes ahead of this evening\’s showdown talks between finance ministers in Brussels. With Ireland and Portugal both on the brink of seeking a bailout, Van Rompuy warned that there is a serious risk of contagion spreading across the continent.

\”We\’re in a survival crisis,\” Van Rompuy said in a speech in Brussels. \”We all have to work together in order to survive with the eurozone, because if we don\’t survive with the eurozone we will not survive with the European Union.\”

If the euro breaks up then I lose a ton of money as the property here will fall in value along with the newly minted Portuguese escudo.

However, if the euro breaks up then, according to the President of the thing, then the EU will break up. Which would of course be highly desirable.


Nah, Rumpy can go fuck himself and I\’ll take the capital loss.

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