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To sum up, the Election Court looks like a court, is called a court, is run by High Court judges like a court, the Representation of the People Act describes it as a court, its judgements come headed with the words \”In the High Court\”. And as if to remove all doubt, Mr Justice Silber, like Bunny sitting in the corner, thinks it\’s a court.

I\’d put it down as definitely a very probable court.

Phil Woolas seems to disagree which tells us something about Phil Woolas really.

4 thoughts on “Your legal guide of the day”

  1. All good fun watching the shite get shitted on BUT do we really want to go down this road?

    Yup he is a lying shit stirring twat,….. and? I am sure the great and the good sitting on the bench like to look after us, but thats really our job at the ballot box is it not?

  2. Oddly the courts are technically supreme in any case. That Parliament is top of the tree is a common law construction and there is no technical barrier to the courts changing their minds, (admittedly this would be rather unlikely in the real world).

  3. Sean,

    What road would that be?

    Woolarse didn’t have to put untruths in his campaign literature. He must pay a fair price for doing so.

    Woolarse achieved victory on false pretenses therefore the election must be re-run, and as it was his campaign that caused the re-run rather than say, a death or technicality, it is surely reasonable that he be excluded from the by-election.

    This is not Parliament looking after us but the law looking after us. The ‘anything goes’ attitude during an election is part of the Westminster bubble and as soon as it is all over most of them completely set aside their differences and spend the next 4-5 years stitching us all up. They need to be brought to heel.

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