David Lammy really is an obnoxious little twat

His secret information, available only by FOI, about BME admissions to Oxbridge: available on the university\’s website actually.

Oh, and it appears that he\’s innumerate as well. Quite unaware of the law of small numbers.

So, our question for the day: why do those who would rule us think that lying to us is the way to go about getting our support?

8 thoughts on “David Lammy really is an obnoxious little twat”

  1. 1) They think we are stupid
    2) They are often right – people who support them don’t look too closely at the evidence.
    3) By lying they force their opponents to attack the lies rather than the stupid ideas.

  2. He could always fall back on the argument that the best place to hide something is in plain view. It works, my wife does it to me all the time.

  3. No, the Mastermind performance was obviously the result of a racist scoring system. How else to explain that Lammy, as a BME contestant, scored below the white average?

  4. What is ‘BME’? Is it another one of those tiresome abbreviations so beloved of the grievance-mongering Left like LGBTZOMGWTFBBQLOL or whathaveyou?

  5. What’s he suggesting?

    That two of the world’s finest universities are run by racists who just won’t let black kids in, even if they a genius polymaths?

    He must be, because the alternative would surely be that those black kids, overwhelmingly educated in state schools under the recent lengthy purview of Lammy’s own party, are not well educated enough to be worthy of a place on merit.

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