About how I view it

They appear to have blown the whistle based on the fact that Assange had Biblical knowledge of them both within a matter of days. Whether this is a case of ‘sexfalla’, which may be loosely translated as a ‘honeytrap’, or two women seething with indignation that Assange shared his sexual favours impartially,

The latter explanation that is.

Hell, fury, scorned, women etc….

No, really: \”I\’ve scored this alpha male\” engenders a different response from the realisation that \”We\’ve scored this alpha male\”.

Anyone not aware of that just hasn\’t been observing human sexuality sufficiently closely.

BTW, we can take this further too. From what I can see on Google Images, at least one of the two is quite the cutie. Be in a country for a few days, have consensual (non-commercial) sex a couple of times with a couple of women: only those entirely unconversant with the driving forces of human sexuality would fail to understand why men do indeed try so hard to be alpha males.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I object to the term Alpha Male being applied to little Julian. He was a Gamma, at best, before he found a tool to help him step up into the big boy’s league. There is no evidence he deserves to be there. There is no reason to think he will remain there. The media can puff a Beta into a Gamma for a while – look at Obama – but they cannot do so for long. Little Jules is just hitting the ground again harder than most.

    At some point it will be interesting to see if this sort of crap leads to a re-examination of rape laws. It is not that some women make stuff up, although they clearly do, it is that they are not perfect angels and are just as capable of using the law to their own bat-shit crazy ends as the rest of us.

  2. “At some point it will be interesting to see if this sort of crap leads to a re-examination of rape laws.”

    Given how speedily the coalition reversed course on anonymity for defendants I’d have to say ‘Don’t hold your breath!’…

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