Amusing about John Pilger

Of course, sons are not responsible for the sins of the fathers.

But it is amusing.

3 thoughts on “Amusing about John Pilger”

  1. Nice tidbit.

    Perhaps, rather than whine on about what Wikileaks intentions are, I’d think we should go the whole hog, take a leaf out of Assange’s book, and start releasing all these little secrets about the various pompous do-gooders in the media whose drivel writing we have to be subjected to as it flies downwards from their ivory towers.

    I have no doubt that various people in the “new media”, like Assange, have numerous closeted skeletons. Up till now there’s always been a gentlemen’s agreement between media organisations not to report on their own and I’m frankly surprised we have got so far in the evolution of the internet to not have a “watching the watchers” website, giving submissions via anonymous leakage from insiders into the private sex lives of various editors, or, for a more realistic theme, the personal salaries of those engaging in blaming the “greedy” bankers bonuses for the economic crisis, or perhaps just how much “cash in hand” they pay their nannies whilst they witter on about minimum wages and tax avoidance.

    I remember a Scientology expose where the Scientology apologist was quite happy to air the past criminal history of his interviewer and accuser, if they can do it surely it’s achievable elsewhere.

  2. Tim,

    If you read Pilger’s book ‘Hidden Agendas’, you’ll learn that John Pilger’s paternal grandfather was a German sailor, who emigrated to Australia after having been based in Liverpool for a while. I have never heard of any kind of ‘Bund’ in Australia, but it might be an interesting story to research.

    Reading between the lines, I also got the impression that the relationshop between father and son wasn’t great at some points; he was very candid in saying that his father had borrowed the money for his fare to Europe from his bookie.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but that segment bears all of the hallmarks of a confidence being very publicly broken. It makes Coren look pathetic.

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