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Hello! I very like your beer, it\’s perfect! I have a small request to you. I collect beermats, labels, cover from all over the world. But they are very difficult to I already have a small collection. Please make a small contribution to my collection beermats, labels, cover. I would be very glad! I hope you will attribute with understanding. With the best regards.

My mail adress: Novosandetsky street, House 16, Apt. 30, Ulyanovsk City, ZIP 432064,

That was to Mark Wadsworth originally. The contact is Egor Miliukov.

And I rather like the idea of a chap in a provincial Russian city (there\’s nothing particularly or specifically wrong with Ulyanovsk, it\’s just not quite the bright lights of a major metropolis) being inundated with beer mats from around the world as the result of a little bit of blog viralness.

And it is the season for giving of course: anyone fancy passing this on to a few more blogs and forums etc?

7 thoughts on “An endeavour this blog fully supports”

  1. Are we sure this isn’t a neighbour’s dispute, and whoever is at House 17 isn’t trying to send poor Egor a little nuts..?

    Yeah. Once you have sent him a beer mat PLEASE send a greeting card to that kid in the USA who had cancer in 1992, he is running low.

  2. Mmmm. I was going to send him my Matso’s Broome Brewery beer mats, but thought I’d give him a quick Google first, being a nasty suspicious woman.
    (this was an employment site, where he left the same pleading beery message)

    At these two, he wanted promotional material.

    He’s also on All That Jazz Radio Guestbook, but I really didn’t feel like trawling through all the comments.

    Generous thought, anyway!

  3. I just received the very same email trough my blog. Now, of course, I do not make beer nor sell any.

    If the guy is serious, hopefully he sent his request to actual brewers.

  4. I just got a mail from him!
    I am copting it it english only, but it was translated into 9! I am very curious…
    Hello! My name is Egor Miliukov, I visited your hotel with my family when we were in your town, I really liked it, see how well your team is working harmoniously and now I will always stay with you and will advise all my friends have I have a request – could send me your promotional materials, souvenirs with your logo, that can remind of your hotel. Best wishes.
    Country: Russia
    City: Ulaynovsk
    Zip Code: 432064
    Street: Novosandetsky
    Apartment: 30
    Miliukov Egor

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