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And in memory of Tom

We have house guests and we were discussing the various fates of mutual friends that we\’ve not seen for years. And one such story was of Tom, a delightful man who worked for many years as a subeditor on the Daily Telegraph (and one of his colleagues, The Great Redacto, has been a commenter here over the years).

Tom died of a recurrence of a cancer which had been in remissions for many years: well over a decade I think.

Rasputin however met a more brutal demise, as he was poisoned, shot four teams and thrown in the river before he eventually drowned.

Four \”teams\”?

Would never have happened in Tom\’s day.

World\’s going to the dogs as the good ones pass on I tell you….

8 thoughts on “And in memory of Tom”

  1. But isn’t this just the market showing that consumers prefer bad subbing to paying a little extra for good subbing?

  2. Matthew.

    When did we have the market choice? All the so-called serious newspapers are as bad as each other these days.

    Perhaps, that’s why they’re all shedding buyers by the bucket-load.

  3. Matt: “Geoff, you can choose between 5 quality newspapers,”

    Where’s the choice when they ALL make the same kind of crass error that OGH highlighted?

  4. I’d like to suggest sparing the All Blacks (NZ), replacing them on the list with Lakers.
    Sorry Cingram.

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