And now……

Yes, more adventures!

All Easyjet flights to Portugal and Spain cancelled today.

I\’m now in a terribly exciting Ramada Inn in Hemel Hempstead, booked on the 07.45 flight tomorrow.

Inquiring minds want to know: what\’s going to go wrong next?

Update: And Katie wins! 03:17 am someone set off the fire alarm.

Only a minor alarm, turned itself off after four or five whoops. So sleep was unbroken other than that: once the Christmas Party disco closed down at 1 am and before the 4 am alarm to catch the 04.30 bus back to the airport.

And I certainly don\’t mind that the Ramada Jarvis is miles out from anywhere and that they\’ve recently decided to stop having a cigarette machine on the premises……

9 thoughts on “And now……”

  1. Fire alarm in hotel at 3AM?

    Airport closes due to more snow?

    Mass e-Borders IT fail?

    Technical fault on aircraft?

    Absolutely nothing and a hitch free flight? (nah, too unlikely)

  2. I would suggest a drink, but you’re a long way from SE London, unless the next flight leaves from City, in which case I’m close 🙂

  3. Inquiring minds want to know: what’s going to go wrong next?

    Can I have “Ramada goes bust” in the sweapstake please?

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