Anni Dewani

Now, what this is all really about I\’ve no idea. I#m just reading the papers like everyone else.

A paramedic who examined the body of Anni Dewani, the murdered Cape Town honeymooner, shortly after it was found in the back of an abandoned taxi has told how he believed she had been \”executed\”.

Is this all some political South African thing, no, tourists don\’t get murdered it must have been her husband? Is the husband (who is said to have a company deep in debt) a scapegoat?

There is one simple thing that could be done to at least clear up some of the confusion.

How much life insurance was there on her?

If little or the usual sorts of amounts then that would remove a possible motive, wouldn\’t it?

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  1. The story that did the rounds over here in one of the papers regarding possible motive: that it was an arranged marriage and that he bats for the other team and wanted out from Day 1.

    Who knows? Wedding photos didnt seem to suggest a reluctant and unhappy groom. So if this (or the overall suspicion) are untrue, I do feel sorry for the bloke.

    If he has done it, I think I could dispense with my distaste for the noose on this one and happily pull the lever myself…

  2. Odd we’re so interested.
    Yes she made a good photo. But he’s not famous, she’s not UK, the murder happened someplace else where murders often happen.
    Did the press get a steer from the start?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    South Asian arranged marriage? Why couldn’t he bat for the other team and still have the wife at home to cook his meals for him and tidy up his clothes? I mean, what’s she going to do – complain?

    Doesn’t sound like a motive for murder to me.

  4. No life insurance , no dowry. Anni’s family are from the Lohana Caste and it would be the choice of Annis father if he gave anything to the couple.

    Shrien is guilty of one thing and that is he has lied and when you lie, the reason, you do not want the truth to be known. We now have the PI from Dr.Pox’s widow telling us Shrien has been cleared of any involvement in the murder of Dr.Pox…it seems Dr.Pox was about to reveal explosive information to the police the day he was shot. Now, do the police know about this revelation or is it an idea put into his head by spinning top Max Clifford?

    Shrien is either up to his neck in this or he managed to escape and only thinking of himself left his wife to her fate.

    Creating a fake website and then deleting it after ¡proving’ he had a ‘travel’ business…does not make him sound one of the most honest of people..lying and being a conman though does not make you a murderer. Shrien told the Telegraph the taxi was hired through his secretary in England, it is no good Dewanis QC trying to pull the wool over the Judges eyes and claiming Dewani picked this cab from out of thin air when Dewani told the first witness in front of the police when asked for the cabs number ‘ I can phone my family in England they will have it’

    Also unconfirmed rumours Annis ring was found under the drivers seat…Dewani has an explanation for this , Anni whispered ‘ I have hidden my ring’ a terrified woman held at gunpoint would not be thinking about rings..I have another reason that ring was there..but best leave speculation for the moment and see if extradition is a success.

    Also a rumour coming from SA there were photocopies of a photograph of Anni strewn all over the cabs floor…true or not ,we will only know when and if a trial takes place.


    There have been some well written and balanced articles alas not from the British media. BUT this one stands out because the high rate of murder in SA is explained and th end result. This is way Dewanis story has been questioned it does not fit the profile carjack/hijacking in SA.

    To top all that Heather Raghavjee widow of Dr Pox fled the country the moment she knew Dewani was a suspect…she was due to return to SA on the 15th she is still in Bristol. Max Clifford her PR man.

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