As a tax expert Richard really ought to put this dingbat straight

While big businesses like Philip Green’s Arcadia Group or Vodafone are able to avoid paying their full share of tax on profits made in the UK

For as a tax expert Richard of course knows that Arcadia pays their full share of taxes on profits made in the UK. This is Corporation Tax and there is no suggestion at all that there has been any shenanigans at all about the corporation Tax paid by the company.

Taxes on dividends are, as we all know, a matter of personal taxation for the recipient of them, not a matter to do with the company paying out those dividends.

And as to Vodafone, there has been no suggestion from anyone at all that the company is avoiding, evading, dodging or even comtemplating doing so, taxes on profits made in the UK. It\’s all to do with profits being made in Germany of course.

That he doesn\’t correct this numpty might tell us something about whether Ritchie is indeed a tax expert or simply someone willing to say whatever in the name of advancing a political agenda.

Your call.

7 thoughts on “As a tax expert Richard really ought to put this dingbat straight”

  1. If I were Philip Green, I think I’d take a look at the way the wind is blowing and close TopShop down, burn all the stock and fuck off to Monaco to spend the rest of my life with my billions, safe in the knowledge that the soapdodging twats who keep staging sit-ins and glueing themselves to the windows can’t reach me there; meanwhile, the twats can pat themselves on the back at the loss of 5,000 jobs and the revenue to the Exchequer that this would represent.

  2. Hasn’t he argued in the past that activities should be taxed where they took place? IE things that took place in Germany should be taxed there. Is he now saying that’s all b*ll*cks and a company should be taxed in the country its based in, on its worldwide profits, wherever they are generated? And the other countries get nothing?

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