As the child of a (several generations) military family

If I might just give my considered view of this particular incident?


Hang the bitch.


\”Those who are commemorated by the Cenotaph died to protect the very freedoms that allow the people of Britain the right to protest and I feel deeply ashamed to have, although unintentionally and unknowingly, insulted the memory of them.

\”Ignorance is the poorest of excuses but I am sincerely sorry.\”

Fair enough. We\’ll downgrade the hanging to you doing a few weeks hard labour for the British Legion, shall we, working as a labourer as they refit a house for someone disabled in more recent wars.

Fair do\’s?

19 thoughts on “As the child of a (several generations) military family”

  1. Now Tim, as a libertarian you know that the state shouldn’t have the power to kill its citizens.

    A damn good thrashing on the other hand..

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s a professional anracho/socialist scumbag from Spain or Italy and I will refrain from a gut reaction about those countries’ roles in the last two world wars.

  3. @Kay Tie

    To be fair to Tim, he doesn’t specifically suggest that the state should do the hanging.

    I suspect there are many who would do it as a voluntary act of public spiritedness.

    I’m sure that I could manage without one full note on my piano…

  4. Just heard on t’radio that Carlie Gilmore (yes of guitarist fame daddy) has apologised for it.

    Whether that’s him/her I don’t know.

  5. The most distressing thing of all was this statement:

    “I did not realise that it was the Cenotaph and if I had, I certainly would not have done what I did.”

    That a young man (from a presumably good home) has reached the age of adulthood without having been taught the history of the nation, and what the Cenotaph represents, is a terrible indictment of the educational system of the country. Every teacher should be ashamed today, that they are part of a system that has produced young people so poorly educated.

    His parents of course have an equally large burden of blame as well.

  6. Pathetic apology – now if he were to travel down to somewhere like Bulford, Colchester or Plymouth and apologise to the troops who have lost friends recently then I might believe him. Wouldn’t fancy his chances much though?

  7. Its reported he was privately educated. There goes the supposed advantage of all those thousands in school fees then! If your average private school can’t manage to teach its pupils about our history, you might as well save the money and send them to the local comp. If I was Mr Gilmour I might be asking for my school fees back.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Kay Tie – “Now Tim, as a libertarian you know that the state shouldn’t have the power to kill its citizens.”

    There is a simple way around this. As someone who makes a mockery of the uniforms that guard us while we party, it is clear that this young man thinks he does not want or need the protection of those uniforms. So withdraw it. The libertarian state may not be allowed to kill but I don’t see why it has to zealously protect those that have nothing but contempt for those doing the actual protecting.

    As the descendant of servicemen on both sides I am sure I know one or two people who would like to have a private chat with the young lad.

  9. An appropriate punishment for a Girton Student would of course to be sent down. If he didn’t know it was the Cenotaph then he is stupid and shouldn’t be ocupying a place at Cambridge and if he did know he is both a liar and someone metaphorically spitting on the faces of the dead and therefore shouldn’t be at Cambridge

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