Author to float himself on stock exchange

Well, actually, no, he\’s not. Firstly of course he\’s trying to raise £300,000 and the fees to get listed will be £250,000 or so (and a goodly chunk per year thereafter as well). So it\’s an insane decision to start with.

More than that though:

\”I emailed the CEO of the LSE, but no official response as yet,\” he says. \”I expect them to welcome me with open arms, and perhaps a little cuddle.\”

Emailing the LSE is not the way you go about floating.

This isn\’t a stock exchange float at all, this is an offer for a private subscription. Or as we might more normally call it, a publicity exercise.

A good publicity exercise, no doubt about that, but a publicity exercise all the same.

Oh, and on that writer stuff, here\’s a snippet from his offer:

I think you could actually make a decent return, if someone like Disney come on board. Although of course there is the chance that no one will buy the rights at all, in which case you’ll have squandered a tenner or so. But I’d still been happy, so it wouldn’t be a complete waste.


2 thoughts on “Author to float himself on stock exchange”

  1. With no track record of earnings, he will not get a listing on the main board. AIM perhaps, and then the fees are not £250,000 per year.

  2. Somewhat similar: David Bowie sold bonds in his albums years ago. Worked very well, from what I understand.

    Tim adds: Not quite. He sold bonds based on his royalties income. The bulk of which is air play of songs he has written, much more predictable.

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