Bad job ad of the day

I am looking for a freelancer who can build an Adsense site that will earn consistently $5-$10 per day at least for 21 days.

The problem?

Anyone who can do that reliably will already be doing it. Why would they hire themselves out to you for you to capture the gains of their work?

They would only be willing to work for you wages is they could not be doing it reliably: so why are you hiring them?

Reminds me rather of my (oft told) story about the turning lead into gold peeps looking for investment. If you can turn lead into gold why are you looking for investment?

3 thoughts on “Bad job ad of the day”

  1. “If you can turn lead into gold why are you looking for investment?”

    To prevent contagion across the transmutation market?

  2. It is a scam, Tim, but not the one you think. The actual scam is that bidders have to say how they would do it in their bid. Chummy then gets his min wage offshore monkeys to implement it.

    And BTW, I have a scheme for turning free waterfalls into valuable electricity. It does, however, need investment. Does that make it a scam?

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