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Some people.

Complaining that halls of residence are being built for students in London.

When I were a student in London we were all screaming that more such halls should be built, for you\’d only be able to live in hall for one of your three years and even then you\’d be sharing a bedroom.

Apparently the use of profit making firms to supply an extant demand makes it all icky or something.

5 thoughts on “Blimey”

  1. I was amazed in my first year at uni in 1997, when I went to London to visit my friend who was in “halls” at KCL, to discover he was in a shared bedroom in a minging Young Ones-style terrace house on Finchley Road (which happened to be owned by the uni). And that he counted himself lucky to be there rather than paying London market rents to live somewhere even worse.

  2. “students are at the vanguard of exploitation”

    Dave Spart at his finest, almost makes me want to renew my Private Eye subscription.

  3. …for you’d only be able to live in hall for one of your three years and even then you’d be sharing a bedroom…

    To quote a famous Yorkshireman, “You were lucky”. My University emailed me last year to say they’d got no space and I’d have to look elsewhere. Charmingly this was less than a month before term started – too late to change Universities. Sure that was just a coincidence.

  4. Ah, BenSix, it was all so different in my day. You could apply to just one uni, and they’d accept you. Put your name down for a Hall and you were in. The government and your Dad covered your costs (admittedly the government stole the money from your Dad in the first place, but did it matter to you?). Enough of your classmates were clever and interested to make it a wonderful place to be.
    You are unlucky.

  5. I was just off Finchley Road in a shared room my first year at Imperial (Evelyn Gardens.) Then we were on our tod, first down to Streatham and then Camberwell with a couple of mates (just down the road from John Major’s old gaff.) Even back in 1990 the Camberwell flat was 225 quid a month, which was a lot of money in the days when you were on £4000 a year (it was a good size and the landlords were diamond about fixing problems, it must be said.) We ate a lot of instant noodles and beans on toast. Ooh, the Dickensian horror of it all.

    So what this whining twat is saying is a) we still want to expand tertiary education to a bunch of nongs who would be much more profitably employed doing something else b) we want them to live in opulence for low rent close to the uni c) but not too opulent because that might antagonise people who actually work for a living d) we want those people who work for a living to stump up the cash to make this all happen.

    Well he can fuck right off.

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