Blimey, at last!

From a PR email:

Worldwatch Institute\’s State of the World 2011
Shows Agriculture Innovation Is Key to
Reducing Poverty, Stabilizing Climate

It\’s taken them what, 30 years to work this out?

Technological advance is the solution to most problems?

Better late than never I suppose…..

5 thoughts on “Blimey, at last!”

  1. I have another solution to the issues above. It should work for at least 500,000 years or so.

    Exterminate all humans.

  2. BF: Many a true word said in jest, if it was jest! See:
    for the voluntary human extinction movement…Possibly unique in the annals of internet dingbat-ry

    Tim: And what do they mean by “agricultural innovation”? Organic or GM? If the latter, then Luke 15:7 could apply…

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