Chavez is deep in the doo doo

This we knew, but look which paper is carrying the news?

11 thoughts on “Chavez is deep in the doo doo”

  1. They have even been trying to get Iran to invest!!!!

    Having run out of his own people’s money, he wants to spend the money of some other poor suckers.

  2. Have asked various Venezuelans their opinion of Chavez. Not rich expatriates you understand but ordinary folk over in Europe after earning a crust. Usual reply involves a half clenched fist moved rapidly up & down from the wrist.
    Is this an uniquely S.American gesture of solidarity with the popular revolution or is the Guardian not available in Spanish?

  3. I don’t even have to read the article to know that it is complete bollocks. Just Google Rory Carroll, that should do it. He spews this stuff out on behalf of the US government on a regular basis and it is reprinted in The Guardian and other ‘organs’ of the liberal soft left, and almost as frequently by Tim, who seems to fall for it every time.

    Strangely, The Grauniad’s ‘Latin America correspondent’ doesn’t appear to have caught up with the atrocities committed in Columbia and other US puppet states. The Iraqis should have finished the twat off when they kidnapped him for wandering too far from his US friends.

  4. Chávez is popular in the shitholes of Latin America, and derided as a buffoon in any of the places you’d want to live.

    It will be interesting to see if he goes quietly when his silly schemes finally collapse. Obviously up against a wall with a blindfold on would be the most fitting end for him, but exile in Bolivia au Idi Amin would do.

  5. A Guardian reader could tell from Tim’s excited tone that the article was by Rory Caroll without checking it out. Bob Piper, if anything, understates the case against Carroll who is embarrassingly biassed.

  6. Hey, Bob, the revolution is a failure. Deal with it. Who would have thought it? “21st century socialism” works about as well as 20th century socialism: not at all.

    Then again, you’ll never learn that lesson. There is and always will be the 20% of nutcases in any country who still believe the guff about central planning and don’t know how to spell the names of countries they don’t like because they don’t embrace a worn-out, century-old, discredited ideology (Colombia, not Columbia).

  7. …….The Iraqis should have finished the twat off when they kidnapped him for wandering too far from his US friends…….

    Lefty love of the fellow man on display again I see.

  8. It’s noteworthy that the headline is “Oil giants squeeze Chávez as Venezuela struggles”, while the substance of the story is about the reluctance of oil giants to invest in Venezuela. ENI, the most active oil giant still in Venezuela according to the story, managed to squeeze Venezuela by being very willing not to sign a deal. So, according to the Guardian, oil giants can squeeze a country by not signing deals. I’m sure that I’ve also read articles in there talking about exploitation of oil companies of third world countries by signing deals.

    I don’t even have to read the article to know that it is complete bollocks.

    Oh, interesting. What data do you have that Venezuela is booming? Are there lots of oil giants signing contracts there? I’d love to read an alternative view on this.

  9. In conversation with some German oil industry types (their company supplies engineered widgets for extraction etc – pumps and whatnot) it seems that the new regime at PDVSA do not know what they’re doing.

    Basically, after Chavez kicked out the original management he replaced them with people loyal to his party. Only, these new guys had no experience, so when the Germans came over to negotiate new contracts / sell them new parts, they quickly realised that the new guys had no idea about prices and maintenance. The Germans charged 3 to 4 x the usual margins.

    Big bonuses all-round back in Munich.

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