Echoes of George Best here

Leslie Baleham, 64, was jailed for a year after raking in thousands after turning his home in Radford, Notts, into a den for sexual encounters.

When investigators raided the brothel, they discovered the married accountant in bed with his Chinese madame Ping Ping Li with cash strewn across the bed sheets.

Police counted more than 400 punters visiting the brothel during three months, which earned Baleham more than £57,000.

Waiter carries bottle of champagne up to George Best\’s hotel room, to find him in/on the bed, surrounded with cash, accompanied by a naked Miss World.

\”What went wrong George?\” was his anguished cry.

To the more serious point: why are we jailing someone whio has facilitated consensual commerce? I thought we were trying to get this economy thing moving again?

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  1. Oh well, at least we can now point to a retired accountant who was making the world a more enjoyable place.
    Shame Murphy doesn’t do something worthwhile with his life.

  2. Why are we jailing someone whio has facilitated consensual commerce?

    Well. As the Barclay Bugle helpfully, if a little erroneously, points out:

    Hundreds of brothels in the UK are run by madams who use women often trafficked for the purpose by people smugglers from eastern Europe or Asia.

    Which only goes to prove that Ops Pentameter One and Two were abject failures due to incompetence rather than because they were aimed at non-existent targets.

  3. re the remittance man
    Someone wishes to maintain a monopoly for eastern Europeans and Asians?
    Rather like we run a large and expensive operation to ensure that drug supply is kept in the hands of criminals, and another to ensure that only criminals have guns?
    Or is it to ensure the girls’ safety- since it’s clearly safer for them to work alone isn’t it?

  4. I used to live around the corner from that knocking shop, so I found the numbers quoted somewhat unlikely given the neighbourhood.

    400 punters were mentioned in the Telegraph story, allegedly resulting in a profit to the brothel owner of £57,000. That would mean a payment by the hooker to the owner of £142.50 per spurt.

    It turns out from the Nottingham Evening Post version of the story that 400 punters were observed in a three month period. Apparently it takes three months in Nottingham to determine whether a residence is operating as a knocking shop.

    The £57,000 is money banked by Leslie Baleham over a two year period. If custom was equal over the 24 months, the payment per spurt comes out at £17.81 (pun welcome but not by design). That sounds plausible for a Radford brothel.

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