Even more book!

Matt Ridley likes it:

What is particularly clever about the book is the way that Worstall makes economic theory so digestible, even delicious. He refutes the dreary cliche so popular among environmentalists that economics just `does not get\’ the environment (by which they usually mean that they would like to do the equivalent of repeal the laws of gravity and make things to happen even if they make no sense for people: like getting people to give up cheap forms of energy to take up expensive ones). Quite the reverse is true: environmentalists all too often just don\’t get what economists are trying to tell them.

He also runs an excerpt from the chapter on the Stern Review et al.

4 thoughts on “Even more book!”

  1. Charles – what evidence do you have that a Kindle-version would have less environmental impact than the paperback version? Each Kindle has to be resourced from non-renewable raw materials, then manufactured, distributed, powered, then possibly recycled…Books are largely manufactured from a renewable resource, distributed and then can be recycled/resold…Nothing against Kindles – just ordered one, in fact – but its appeal to me is its portability/convenience, not its alleged green-ness.

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