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The future of socialism in Europe is very much in doubt. Several countries are teetering on the brink of insolvency as a result of decades of excessive government spending for the welfare state. High taxes have handled the burden in the past, but people are now living longer, they are drawing longer pensions and healthcare costs have continued to escalate. At some point, the working population will no longer be able to support everyone else who depends on the government for their general welfare.

Well, yes.

It\’s just I didn\’t expect the TJN to be making this point really.

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  1. They should have seen this coming decades ago. Yet this sort of thought is repeated ad lib.
    Many quite old people could do the simple jobs that now are occupied by the young and feckless. To old people work is often pleasant company.

  2. I’m getting old, but I’d be willing to have a go at being public executioner. “Just move a little to the right , Mr Blair.”

  3. Possibly Richie & co didn’t notice the crazy and factually incorrect final paragraph attached to an otherwise sensible article (because it’s un-American to suggest that anything vaguely socialist might make people happy or be a good idea?)

    The European countries that are struggling debt-wise are the ones where actual thieves stole all the money (Greece, Italy), or where people not much better than thieves blew all the money on ridiculous scams (Ireland, Spain).

    The places the SFGate piece lists – the Swedes, Danish, Germans, and so on – don’t have debt problems at all (or at least, they don’t have problems either servicing debt or borrowing money. You could argue their national debts are higher than optimal, but not in a way that has any kind of significant medium-term impact on standard of living).

  4. Whilst reading an article over at HP that examined the intensity of light from Laurie Penny’s (a.k.a. Penny Red) bottom, it occurred to me that describing someone as “radical” should not mean they want things to remain as they are, that’s normally considered to be “conservative” and certainly is not “progressive”.

    Penny and her ilk want to take to the streets to stop things changing, they want to prolong the agony, to ensure our doom continues, their “radical” idea is, metaphorically speaking, to repaint the re-arranged deckchairs on the Titanic.

    There is a tacit acknowledgement that socialist ideology is simply not sustainable (now that’s a nice word when used there, isn’t it?), the “progressives” are like the Tea Party and their minimal government policies, the real libertarians.

    Watermelons also have yellow skin, as we saw this week when nice “liberal socialist” Mr Cable decided that “big corporations” are the problem. The problem is there aren’t enough big corporations any more, because of the “big state” they continually chafe up against.

    Visiting the British Military Tournament a few weeks back introduced me to the ABF charity, this organisation, together with Help for Heroes, and all the other “rich bastard” sponsors like Simon Cowell and Murdochs’s The Sun, make me realise that charities do far more for our wounded boys and girls than the big state who sent them off the fight in the the first place.

    Then back to Penny’s rantings, which are done over the internet, itself a huge privately owned network run by big corporations who charitably give us the freedom of speech to post whatever we like, a fact highlighted only when you become annoying enough to have that charity withdrawn, i.e. Wikileaks.

    Go see the internet run by the state, i.e. China, Gulf states, to see the alternative.

    The socialist ideology is dying, because it simply does not work on any level; economically, morally and socially. It’s isn’t old people causing it.

  5. JB – can’t agree with you on Greece. The major problem the government has there is that no one pays their taxes. A great deal of the reason for that is that they view the government, (with considerable justification in their case), as a bunch of crooks.

    So part of the problem in Greece is that the thieves failed to steal all the money.

  6. Falco – true-ish. Everyone dodges their taxes, because all the politicians are corrupt – so instead the politicians cooked the accounts, borrowed lots of money, and stole it.

  7. It’s probably because the common-or-garden TJN wallah like Ritchie doesn’t see themself as a socialist; they see themself as “progressive” or “liberal”; they’re basically social gospelists of an old-fashioned type who saw themselves as quite distinct from nasty marxist socialist types.

  8. Bingo, Ian B: Murphy’s just a Temperance campaigner in disguise. A lot of the old ‘progressives’ had startlingly strict societal codes (Marie Stopes: sterilise those mongs and jungle bunnies. Margaret Sanger, H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw likewise.) I’m not saying Murphy is a eugenicist, but the same self-righteous impulse to be on the top of the pile dictating what the rest of us do is creepily there.

  9. THough at the Military Tournament I was conastaqntly annyoyed by the constant repetition of the annoying rebranding of (I assume) the Army Benevolent Fund as ABF: The Soldiers’ Charity. And that it, unlik,e the late, lamented Roayal Tournament, it was predominately single service.

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