How to dress like a banker

A 43 page guide for you from UBS.  Although a Swiss bank, their guide is in French, and contains this gem:

Les sous-vêtements
Pour des raisons esthétiques et d’hygiène, ainsi que pour des
questions de bien-être général, nous vous recommandons de
porter un maillot de corps. Choisissez vos sous-vêtements de
façon à ce qu’ils soient fonctionnels, ne se voient pas par-dessus
vos vêtements, ni ne se devinent par-dessous.
Astuces et conseils
• L’idéal est de choisir un t-shirt (en coton) fin et ajusté.
• Les sous-vêtements doivent exclusivement être fabriqués à partir
de tissus de qualité supérieure, être facilement lavables mais
également rester en bon état au bout de plusieurs lavages.

Now my French is not of the very best but I think that they\’re saying that for aesthetic and hygiene reasons you should make sure that your underpants are made of high quality cloth, should be easy to wash and should still be in a good state after you\’ve washed them many times.

Why, I ask you, would anyone try and tell French men that?

3 thoughts on “How to dress like a banker”

  1. In case you are caught with your trousers down?

    In my French sterotype that would be extremely likely to happen literally with young female clients. In my case, it would be the non-literal meaning

  2. T-shirts, Tim. Or possibly vests. The American for “maillot de corps” is wife-beater. Underpants optional, apparently, or perhaps discussed in another chapter entirely.

  3. Why are they prescribing rules for clothing? Everone knows the Frogs (and Swiss Frogs) are soap dodgers, so why not tell them to (1) wash and (2) use deodorant.

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