If I might offer some advice?

Time for a New Socialism argue John Harris and Neal Lawson

Okey Dokey.

Me, I\’d start by stating that this version of socialism, unlike the last one, doesn\’t start with killing all the smart people.

5 thoughts on “If I might offer some advice?”

  1. And doesn’t end in killing anyone or locking them up for being an’enemy of the people’ either. In fact voluntary socialism, that I don’t have to be a part of.

  2. What is “new” about this?

    “Crucially, however, most regulation will increasingly have to happen at a transnational level – at the very least, via the European Union. Economic sovereignty will have to be pooled to ensure that damaging effects of capitalism are tamed. Every second of every day the bond market pools its sovereignty to destroy whole economies. This week it’s Ireland, next week it is wherever they decide. This means controls on speculative capital flows and the ability to shift location and production to where taxes and labour conditions are lowest; it means coordinated corporation taxes and establishing the principle of a European minimum wage.”

  3. “Every second of every day the bond market pools its sovereignty to destroy whole economies.”
    The Protocol of the Elders of Bonds.

  4. I don’t about the no killing rule. How’s this for a ‘new kind’ of socialism: kill all the socialists?

  5. David’s right. I can live with the killing. It’s the property-stealing and the distrust of the individual I can’t stand.

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