In which Julie Bindel becomes a feminist icon

Complaining about how men (or rather a man) is teaching everyone to cook the wrong way.

Yes, that Julie Bindel.

4 thoughts on “In which Julie Bindel becomes a feminist icon”

  1. I don’t think “one hour” meals – still less “as long as it takes” meals – would have been received quite so enthusiastically by the Channel 4 schedulers…

  2. Ye gods. If I’ve time, I’ll rest me batter before making Yorkshers. But if I want to eat fairly soon, I’ll mix it up and put it straight in, works fine. Sure, rested batter is better, but so’s cheese bought from Czerviks instead of Tesco.

    She’s a food snob with no idea of reality. I used to go home for lunch most days when I lived less’n ten minutes walk away (two jobs I quite liked for some reason), and a meal that took half an hour to cook was a nice thing, regardless.

    I can see why quite a lot of people really dislike her. Including a lot of feminists.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Clearly she has a point. We need to make it easier for people to cook proper meals. And it is wrong for men to impose their patriarchy on dinners.

    So clearly what we need is more women out of the work force and into the kitchen.

    Christ on a stick Bindel would be appalling if she wasn ‘t so unintentionally hilarious.

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