In which we look at the honours list

Aslie Pitter, founder of Britain\’s first gay football team, Stonewall FC, was awarded an MBE for voluntary service.

Wonder if that will get Geoff frothing again?

11 thoughts on “In which we look at the honours list”

  1. Not surprised by Kay Tie’s maunderings but, I’d expected better of you, Tim, when it came to parsing your contributors’ posts.

    Obviously, fronting for UKIP (the original Looney Tunes political party) has undermined your powers.

    You need to spend more time at the ASI to recover.

    For Kay, nothing less than a good b*gg*ring will suffice.

  2. “I never knew you cared!”

    Cared? Not enough to yield precedence to John, Furnish, 11 footie fumblers and assorted hangers on.

  3. “Aww, that’s so sweet Geoff. Deep down you’re just a romantic old-time homophobe”

    Sweet? Maybe.

    Romantic? I certainly can be.

    Homophobe? You’re lettting your imagination run away with itself. Or rather it’s not working at all and you’re just relying on your kneejerk to form your views.

    Still I suppose it’s better than letting other parts of your anatomy do your thinking. Not that you do much of that.

  4. OK, if Geoff wont ask it;
    For starting a football team?
    It can’t be because they’re ‘gay’, could it, because that would be discriminatory.

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