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However, I am now a bit confused about the stated reasons of our progressive left of why they oppose Wal-Mart. After all, leftoids like to educate us that selling food and other necessities to ordinary people for low prices is bad when Wal-Mart does it. But when Hugo Chavez does the exact same thing, except that he also wields the power of the gun to force those capitalist pig farmers and factory owners to give up their products for even less, this suddenly becomes praiseworthy!

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  1. I wonder if the rather overexcitable blogger you quote is aware that Chavez’s food subsidies are funded by oil royalties, and involve paying a market rate to farmers? I also wonder if he cares in the slightest, as long as he gets to bash imaginary socialists with his big imaginary socialist-bashing stick.

    (and no, I’m not a fan of Chavez – while his first few years did a huge amount to improve the median Venezuelan’s standard of living, he stands alongside Robert Mugabe on the list of “reasons why strictly enforced term limits are a good idea”).

  2. JohnB, the blogger you quote is not over-excitable. The point he made struck me as perfectly sound, given where now Venezuela is.

  3. and involve paying a market rate to farmers?

    According to the story:
    ” In the name of “nutritional sovereignty” the government seized 6m hectares (about 15m acres) of farmland, expanded cultivation and set up socialist co-operatives. Results are poor:

    Food imports soared to $7.5bn (about £5bn) last year, by some measures a sixfold increase since Chávez took office.

    Undeterred, the government has pressed ahead with the takeover of farms, processing plants and supermarkets ”

    From the sound if it, the main reason that Chavez is paying farmers market prices is that said farmers are living in different countries and thus the Venezuelan government can’t seize their output more directly. Under those circumstances, any Communist will either pay market prices or go without.

  4. “the cold war ended years ago”

    But that’s no reason not to kick the shjte out of socialists wherever they may be encountered & to keep doing it until the species is extinct.

  5. john_b, you’re usual bullshit. It is what Chavez’s officials like to call a “market price”, but given the food shortages the prices are in fact far from what a market would pay. It is perhaps, more than Chavez would like to pay though.

  6. roger thornhill,

    No. It’s about the word “profit”. What a lot of socialists perceive about “profit” is that it is a handout to the rich, a waste of money.

    The main problem with socialists is that they are naive about the world. There are some who just depend upon being agents of the state, but many are just naive about markets.

  7. I’m going to have a lot of new Venezuelan friends soon. Whenever some tinpot jackass buggers up a Latin American country, the middle classes all seem to end up here.

    Yeah, we have queues in the supermarket too. Queues to get out, with your groaning trolley. I have last minute shopping to do later, and the mega-mall is going to be pandemonium.

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