Oh dear Tommy

Tommy Sheridan, the former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, was facing a lengthy jail sentence last night after being convicted of perjury at the end of a 12-week trial.

Cue protests that he wuz robbed by the bastard capitalists….

I have to admit that I\’ve no problem with a politician that enjoys group sex or even just enjoys lots of sex. Or even sex with lots of different people. A smattering of sexual libertinism hasn\’t made any difference to the performance in office of the last two Mayors of London.

But lying in a libel trial, committing perjury, no, that\’s not on at all.

7 thoughts on “Oh dear Tommy”

  1. I did enjoy his rictus clamped mouth all during his wife’s impassioned ‘infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in fer me wee Tommy!’ speech. He looked like a man about to burst….

  2. Martin,

    What was the 2006 case then? Just because Scots law doesn’t particularly differentiate between slander and libel doesn’t mean that defamation in writing isn’t libel.

    Or did you mean that the current (2010) trial was for perjury rather than defamation?

    In which case, you haven’t understood Tim’s point.

  3. As the Daily Mash put it so beautifully.
    “”The case centred on the disputed authenticity of Mr Sheridan’s voice on a tape. So, in conducting his own defence, it was maybe not a good idea to spend four hours a day for two and a half months helping the jury become world class experts at recognising that voice.”

  4. I have understood Tim’s point perfectly. However, ‘libel’ is not a term of art known to Scots law.

    It was instead an action for defamation. Ans Scots law does recognise the difference between slander and defamation.

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