On Bill Bailey at 19

The X Factor reference is apposite. Bailey is resisting national stupefaction by Simon Cowell and all his works. He tweeted recently about another X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole, writing: \”How did this violent thug become the nation\’s sweetheart?\” He linked the tweet to a 2003 report of the Girls Aloud singer\’s conviction for assault. \”I timed it to coincide with the X Factor final. All the coverage was treating her as though she was the nation\’s sweetheart. I thought: \’Hang on. It wasn\’t long ago she was attacking a toilet attendant.\’

\”I was slightly depressed by how people say of that attack, \’Oh, it was a long time ago. She was young. You have to move on.\’ No you don\’t. I remember being 19 and drunk, but I don\’t remember punching a toilet attendant and calling them racist names.\”

Well, no, that\’s because Bill was getting drunk (at times at least) in the Old Green Tree which doesn\’t have a toilet attendant.

It\’s possible that there were other reasons for the non-assault and non-racism but Occam\’s shaving gear and all that.

2 thoughts on “On Bill Bailey at 19”

  1. The woman is a complete idiot and now has a criminal record. Over one third of the white working population has a minor record going back to when they were a teenager. Now due to the CRB checks these people cannot get a job!!!
    Yet we have this moron (C. COLE) thrown down our throats every where we look. She has a criminal record and should be treated the same as others with a record and not allowed to work. She is unwatchable anyway unless you are a 10 year old.

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