On gender, transgender, transitioning, in economics

We\’re told often enough that we\’re a horribly patriarchal, uncaring society. We don\’t take account of gender properly and our reactions and attitudes towards transexuals (or whatever the correct phrase is these days) is simply appalling.

And of course this is all far worse on the \”right\”.

Might I offer a counter-argument?

Deirdrie McCloskey.

Her new book is discussed here at Cato.

If you rootle around a bit you\’ll find a series of follow up essays by such as Matt Ridley etc.

Note that everyone is terribly excited by the book, the ideas, the scholarship.

Absolutely no one gives a shit about the gonadal arrangement of the person advancing the arguments, nor even (other than me, here) even mentions their past rearrangement.

Which is as it should be of course: I just wanted to note that the desired end game, that note, engagement, respect and regard are already, in some corners of the world, entirely divorced from any interest whatsoever in the gender of the individual and judged purely on, in this case, intellectual merit.

Which means that, contrary to popular expectations, we know what the solution is. All you LGBT activists: make the world more like the Cato Institute and Bobbi\’s your aunt.

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