On the price of scrap metal these days


€30 of steel scrap or €800,000 of artwork?

It is thought that one of the pieces the thieves were trying to offload for scrap was a steel sculpture by Basque artist Chillida titled \”Topos IV\”, valued at 800,000 euros (£675,000).

Detectives at the time said the robbery had the hallmarks of \”an inside job\” and were likely to have been stolen to order for a collector.

But the discovery of the intact collection in a lock-up in Getafe, close to the industrial estate from where they were stolen, and the attempts to sell the sculptures for scrap have led police to reconsider their initial theory.

\”It now appears more likely that we are dealing with amateurs,\” a police spokesman said.

Bloody right they were amateurs. Steel scrap is more like €300 a tonne these days…..

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  1. Too funny.

    When we cleaned out my parents house in 2008, my brother and I seriously thought about ripping out the main outgoing sewer line.

    It was easily accessible in the basement ceiling.


    About 90 feet of it.

    And around 6 inches in diameter.

    I think we left a few thousand dollars there that we could’ve replaced with plastic.

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