Once again our Russian friends come to the rescue

Neil Clark told us that we really should renationalise our airports because having private business run them was obviously just awwwwwful when they couldn\’t cope with the snow.

We should move to something like the US system, where the State or municipalities own the airport with contractors actually running it.

Once again, as they did nor much of the past century, our Russian friends leap into action and show us the perils of such communal ownership.

Angry passengers revolted at Moscow\’s Domodedovo airport on Monday as freezing rain and power cuts disrupted flights for a second day.

How is the airport run?

Since 1996, Domodedovo Airport has been operated by East Line Group on a 75-year lease, although the runways continue to be controlled by the state.

Yup, precisely that system that Clark recommends as solving the problems with snow disrupting flights.

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