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Why Frome is still cashing in on the Romans

Last April, a man who hated history at school unearthed the largest coin hoard ever found in Britain. But why had it been buried in a field in Somerset?

As a West Country boy myself I can answer this.

Because, whatever the century, you certainly don\’t want to be carrying around your valuables if you\’re anywhere near Frome.

2 thoughts on “Questions we can answer”

  1. I’m a Somerset boy myself, and I think it’s Bridgewater, not Frome that’s the place. The origin of the acronym NFB (now understood worldwide) for a whining malingerer is from Taunton hospital: Normal For Bridgewater, written on the notes at the bottom of the bed.

  2. Used to live there, didn’t seem too bad to me. Of course, Shepton Mallet is much worse 🙂

    Tim adds: I can trump you: downtown Radstock…..

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