Ritchie thinks wives are chattels

Of at least should be so considered:

Feminism created separate taxation

But progressive taxation requires taxation as a household….

Going to be rather a ruction in that progressive coalition over that, isn\’t there?

Starting with the definition of \”household\”.

5 thoughts on “Ritchie thinks wives are chattels”

  1. My contribution to that thread got me on the banned list. I suppose I did mention the Global NeoCon Conspiracy ™, but I was perfectly clear I wasn’t writing in that capacity 🙂

    I thought the straight guy/funny guy routine was working really well – I was certainly howling with laughter!

    What must the man be thinking?

  2. Actually, Dennis, I disagree. He is thinking – this is the logical conclusion of his arguments.

    It’s a total anathema to ordinary, good-thinking people, but it’s what naturally follows on from his desire to prevent husbands sharing income with their wives.

  3. Bbbbuttt….

    Transferable tax allowance is a Tory policy. One I, personally, think is stupid, but, y’know. Murphy is now seriously espousing Tory policies?

    And yeah, define household. I’ve been a lodger more than once, do they count? Officially, they do for any sane definition of household, but I don’ t think it’d be good to tax people or not based on their choice of rental accommodation.

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