Post on how appalling it is that companies have cash reserves.

Post on the stupidity of Eric Pickles in not realisng that all organisations need to have cash reserves.

Today\’s question: does he actually read his own blog?

6 thoughts on “Ritchieness”

  1. Tim,

    Rather than just snarking at Murphy, you should take this further. If all organisations need cash reserves such that they should be in surplus on aggregate, then someone needs to run a deficit. If you want to reduce the deficit, then, your position is nearly equivalent to (i.e. factoring out other sector financial balances) wanting to cut the business sector’s cash surplus.

    Do you want to do this?

  2. Vimothy,

    The two posts referenced are not from different decades, or years, not even months or day.

    Ritchie is here arguing contradictory positions ON THE SAME DAY.

    Tim here is not under any obligation to do anything at all when you have stupidity to this epic degree on Ritchie’s part.

  3. Pendant-General,

    At best that’s just an argument tu quoque. Bit childish too.

    Scanning the two-posts quickly, it’s not even clear how contradictory they are. One post says that organisations need cash reserves. The other says that the govt will have to run a deficit if organisations want to hold (net) cash reserves.

    Uh, ok. I think I can see a way to square this particular circle…

  4. “Today’s question: does he actually read his own blog?”

    Probably not.
    Who’d want to read that tedious load of shite?

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