The Big Society spotted in the wild

Lieutenant Mark Kent, who popped out of a red Salvation Army lorry marked \”Emergency Response Unit\” to fetch more polystyrene cups for tea and coffee, thought people were cheerier than they had been the previous day.

He and his colleagues had handed out around 800 free teas and coffees this morning and were in it for the long haul.

\”We were here from 4am to 7pm yesterday and we\’ll be doing the same today,\” he said. \”But people are in a good mood today. They appear to know the score today and they know they\’re here to wait.\”

It\’s not like this sort of thing is going to replace the NHS but it is both the Big Society thing and also Burke\’s little platoons.

You know, just peeps doing things for other peeps without the government either telling them to or paying them to do so.

1 thought on “The Big Society spotted in the wild”

  1. Oh nonsense. The Sally Army are an evangelist organisation. The tea and coffee is a loss leader designed to rope people into their stupid religion. This is no more selfless charity than any free gift. God help us (haha!) if the best alternative we can come up with to state welfare is the Hezbollah religious-maniacs-providing-services system.

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