The fountain of youth pill

All terribly fascinating:

In 2009, Dr Goetzl studied a group of 50 elderly adults through the National Institute on Aging, examining their levels of key cytokines (proteins that either attack viruses or bacteria or cause inflammation that leads to decline in health).

He discovered that truly healthy 70-80-year-old women had the same levels as healthy 20-year-olds.

However, some elderly men and frail women who showed increased levels of inflammatory diseases and weakened defences against infections tended to have lower levels of the first two cytokines, which are protective, and higher levels of inflammatory cytokines.

Lenalidomide appeared to raise these levels.

Be interesting to see how it interacts with auto-immune diseases though: like arthritis, just as one example…..

2 thoughts on “The fountain of youth pill”

  1. And is the differing cytokines manifesting, the cause of their illness or the effect?

    I.e. instead of being an inappropriate immune reaction which is causing the disease, maybe it is an appropriate reaction to an as-yet-undiscovered pathogen.

    Far from out of the question – Chlamydia was only discovered in the 70s and only in the 90s was it discovered to be responsible for much previously unexplainable infertility.

    How many more pathogens, known and unknown, are we currently ignoring? How many chronic diseases have unknown or poorly understood causes?

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