The joys of government

So, we\’ve a list of cars that qualify for the £5,000 off deal for electric vehicles.

Which one isn\’t on the list?

The unfortunate thing is the Roadster is the only EV on the market now that meets all the technical criteria for the grant – all the others named today won\’t be on sale until 2011 or, in several cases, until 2012.

Yup, the Tesla is the only one ready to roll right now and it\’s the only one not on the list.

Paperwork is blamed…..but then that\’s government, eh?

10 thoughts on “The joys of government”

  1. Or it’s just the fact that it looks like desirable supercar, and the ecoloons would rather people drove drab, boring little boxes that LOOK like what they are?

    After all, most bunnyhuggers have a thing about fake fur too, in case it encourages demand for the real stuff…

  2. How about using that money to offer a prize to create a retro-fit kit to convert existing cars to series hybrid with full regeneration (100mpg, effectively as good as full electric and needs no charging stations).

    As 80% of the energy a car consumes in it’s life is during manufacture, not operation, the obvious thong would be to avoid the need to build new vehicles to replace the old.

  3. What JuliaM said. Plus, I really hope the Tesla outsells all the others – despite the higher price tag and lack of a government handout to encourage sales – because it is a better product.

  4. Mitsubishi is selling an electric car in Japan, that it boasts will save a ton of CO2 per year, for the average user. I couldn’t find a price for it, but typically and electric vehicle costs at least $15,000 more than a comparable car.

    Assume the car has a life of ten years, that’s $1,500 per ton of CO2.

    Not the most effective way to cut greenhouse gases is it.

  5. roger thornhill,

    As 80% of the energy a car consumes in it’s life is during manufacture, not operation

    If I drive a car for 60,000 miles, it’s going to use something like 1500-2000 gallons of fuel. Does it really take 6000-8000 gallons of fuel to manufacture a car?

  6. It’s got frig-all to do with what Julia said, and a great deal to do with the fact that the other cars are made by serious companies with serious law departments.

    Reminded me a great deal of why these chaps found themselves denied entry to the UK – not because their hip-hop was too extreme for Da Man, but because their manager was too daft to sort out the proper, minor-pain-in-arse visa requirements, which a major label band would have had done for them by a dozen legal office minions.

  7. No, that’s not what I said.

    Rather, just as the left-leaning hip-hop crowd were all “boo! these rappers have been kicked out because they stuck it to Da Man” rather than the boring truth, the comments here were leaning towards “boo! the Tesla is being banned because it’s fun and not all hippydippy”, rather than the boring truth.

    Also, *making a product that complies with legal requirements* is hard. The Tesla does that. *Ticking some boxes to fulfil legal requirements* is not hard at all (BTDTBTTS). Anyone who claims to be a businessman but fails to pay a box-ticker to box-tick when required simply isn’t a businessman – and ought to hire one as CEO forthwith and relegate themselves to CTO.

    That’s a different topic from regulations that aren’t box-ticky but require large and unnecessary investments, which are real big-company-protectionism, and which I’m not defending.

  8. “Does it really take 6000-8000 gallons of fuel to manufacture a car?”

    Ton of steel takes what, 3-4 tons of coal? Glass, plastics, aluminium,copper, transportation of everything. Power required in manufacturing? Probably if you say fuel equivalents.

    Isn’t the old Chrysler Jeep still the best dust-to-dust road vehicle because they last so long?

  9. One horse town I’ve been living in, the past year, there’s one of these Teslas parks in the main street. Loved to have asked the owner some questions before I left. Like how’s it when the nearest decent shopping’s 30 miles away & the nearest city 60? Like how the hell he got it here? Trailered in or did he have to park-up on 16a power outlets for a couple of days between hops?
    Of course this here’s serious eco-hippy country so he probably keeps it next to his tee-pee whilst his wind generator does it’s stuff.

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