The Ownership Commission

So Will Hutton\’s leading the Ownership Commission. They\’ll produce an \”authoritative\” report on how we all might do better.

The Oxford Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business, at Kellogg College Oxford University will host the Commission on Ownership and the secretariat will be facilitated through Mutuo.

D\’ye think they\’ll pre-judge the issue much?

Might be possible to help them along a bit really:

Are some forms of ownership more conducive to wealth creation in a knowledge based economy than others?

As long as we continue to have a market in methods of ownership then we\’ll find out, won\’t we?

But if we decide to intervene in that market, tip the balance towards one or another form of ownership, we never will. For, you see, as that Hayek chappie pointed out, the only method we have of modelling the economy in detail is the economy.

3 thoughts on “The Ownership Commission”

  1. “the secretariat will be facilitated through Mutuo”: that vaguely reminds me of Bill Clinton for some reason.

  2. Oh gods, they’re putting Hutton in charge of promoting mutualism?


    Couldn’t they have poached someone competent, like Reeves?

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