To the Fawcett Society

Yes, this is true:

Equalities legislation was designed to enable a shift in cultural norms, by changing the way that government departments, companies and institutions run themselves and embedding in them mechanisms that instinctively protect those groups who too often find themselves at a disadvantage. Reducing this legal duty in the public\’s eye to a token tick-box exercise, or portraying it as a bureaucratic burden, is to fundamentally undermine the potential for equality laws to initiate structural reform that is lasting and meaningful.

And the people who were pushing that agenda, that policy mix, lost the last election. So that agenda, that policy mix, is no longer being followed.

For, you see, your desires are not an immutable truth which must be imposed upon all: they\’re simply a bit of politics, much like any other, which when the political winds change are at risk of being disregarded.

In short, tough titties.

2 thoughts on “To the Fawcett Society”

  1. Can you get your criticisms of the Fawcett Society published on a source that Wikipedia will accept? As far as I know, your criticisms are the only ones online. I tried to add them to Wiki but your blog is not good enough as a source. The ASI blog might be, or it might have to be “harder” than that.

    Same goes for Ragging on Ritchie. It’s great that you’ve put so much material online, even if you have to repeat yourself for new readers, but now we need to popularise it and wikipedia is one good route. Toynbee shouldn’t be able to quote him as an “expert” without everyone laughing. But it needs to be in a more “reputable” source.


  2. The “Criticisms” section of the wikipedia article on the Tax Justice Network is really “Criticisms that the TJN doesn’t go far enough, or hasn’t achieved its aims enough.”

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