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Residents of Scottish hamlet Altnaharra remain stoical in face of temperatures as low as 21.1C

That global warming\’s come on a bit, hasn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Typo of the day”

  1. Hence “Climate Change”. Very handy if you get people to accept that “weather” and “climate” are the same thing.

  2. To be fair, both sides in the climate change/AGW debate have atendency to use weather events to bolster their view of what’s happening to the climate.

  3. Paul ilc,

    True enough. But only one side want to take even more of my money to buy things I know are utterly useless (windmill, solar feed in-tariffs, etc). If you want to spend my money you should make an effort, if however you don’t want to spend my money you can say whatever you want.

  4. Tim-A minus sign before the 21.1C would make the comment understandable.
    Nothing particularly cold about 21 degrees C.

  5. A minus sign before the 21.1C would make the comment understandable

    I’d thought that to be the point of the post…. (the clue being “Typo of the day”….).

    Altnaharra’s not far from me (as the Saab 340 flies) and I can warrant that +21.1 C is a pretty respectable temperature. A couple of years ago our local newspaper’s headline one hot summer was “Temperature hits 24C!”

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