Well, quite

BBC\’s director general says rules on impartiality on television are outdated in internet era and advocates opinionated journalism

We\’ve some of the most opinionated newspapers in the world (as a result of our having been a national market for newspapers longer than just about anyone else) and this leads to our also having some of the most interesting newspapers in the world.

No, really, try reading some of the regional US press if you don\’t believe me.

Competition by viewpoint would indeed work on TV just as it does in print.

7 thoughts on “Well, quite”

  1. So instead of obvious left-wing bias in an ‘impartial’ broadcaster we’ll have obvious left-wing bias in a partial broadcaster

  2. DC96 is quite correct – what’s more, it would be a good thing if the Biassed BBC actually owned up to its left wing bias.

  3. Way back when the BBC was founded the technology of the day pretty well ensured that there would only be one broadcaster (in radio only of course). Under those circumstances it made sense to try and make that broadcaster impartial. And with only one broadcaster the license fee was a sensible way of paying for it.
    Those days are gone.
    It was never possible to have a truly impartial broadcaster- since one man’s sane and sensible is another’s madness. We do not have courts of law in which the judge and/or jury makes up their mind on their own. Councel put the case for the plaintiff and other councel put the case for the defence, and though judge and jury inevitably start with their own prejudices they can be swayed by evidence and argument. Matters of politics should similarly not be decided by an allegedly impartial judge acting alone on the evidence he likes.
    It is impossible for any broadcaster to be truly impartial however hard he tries, and since we now have multiple channels available we should now focus on ensuring that no-one monopolises them so that a range of views gets discussed.
    As to funding- it is plainly wrong that in order to watch Sky (say) I have to pay the BBC.
    Put public service broadcasting out to tender, with no one organisation allowed to win more than two channels and fund it direct from the treasury. That prevents any commercial organisation from monopolising the airwaves, and should produce a reduction in cost. Then let everyone else get on with it.

  4. The BBC can say, do, report whatever it likes!

    It should just bloody well stop sending round its blackshirt thugs to demand we all pay for it.

  5. Will, hits the nail on the head and demonstrates that the D-G (and David Attenborough) are being a little disingenuous.

    There is currently nothing stopping someone setting up a blatantly biased news channel and then trying to hawk its output to assorted satellite service providers. Hell! Even the BBC does this.

    What is stopping the BBC from becoming the openly biased news provider it so desperately wants to be is the fact it is funded by a tax extorted from all tv owners whether they want to watch it or not.

    Methinks Attie and the D-G are trying very hard to justify having their cake and eating it.

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