What a shocker!

Purveyor of woo argues against regulation of purveyors of woo.

The high court will tomorrow hear the judicial review claim made by six organisations against the Health Professions Council. They are concerned that, under HPC proposals for the regulation of talking therapies, it may no longer be possible to go into therapy, practise therapy or train therapists as before.

Big surprise there, eh?

2 thoughts on “What a shocker!”

  1. If it is woo, then the government has no remit to regulate it at all. Let it be a free market.
    If it isn’t woo, then it’s likely to be discipline in evolution, with some good, some bad and plenty of blind alleys and upsets.
    There’s evidence for both. Just because some might be woo-merchants doesn’t make them unable to right sometimes.

  2. Can we take that you are in favour of occupational licensing then Tim?. The scum of the state(who can’t even order in enough grit for the roads) deciding who can and can’t do business and on what terms. Whatever the merits of psychotherapy it will be a busted flush after this HPC shower have finished with it. They will be just a bunch of risk-assessing losers, in the same way that the SIA has regulated doormen into a state of near uselessness. Now, if you are getting your head kicked in in some nightclub it is much wiser for the bouncers to stand and watch than to risk a complaint(which would cost them their license=job)from any yobbo they might sort out on your behalf.
    Make no mistake, the political scum want licensing for EVERYTHING because it brings them lots of cash and control. Do you want to see the old Guilds of the Middle Ages back again?That should finish the market system nicely.
    If the Judical review doesn’t work the therapists should just ignore the system and turn out on mass to fight the bluebottles if they are called.

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