What nonsense

So Chris Huhne is going to announce a new tax on coal and gas generated electricity, is he?

But, umm, we\’ve already got a method of dealing with that, the European Union\’s cap and trade system, the EUTS.

We don\’t need both: either will do the trick.

So what\’s going on?

8 thoughts on “What nonsense”

  1. The ETS doesn’t work. It’s now in its third iteration, and the price of carbon is still way below even the Stern price. It’s a fairly standard example of what happens if a dominant negotiating partner has a vested interest in giving significant amounts of pollution tokens to its own industries, thus flooding the market.

  2. Maybe it has more to do with actually lowering future Carbon Capture requirements according to an article in yesterday’s Guardian @


    This may be because the Government do fear that unless they give power generators a signal that it is OK to build new coal fired power stations to a less exacting pollution standard the
    lights might go out.

    For a quick resume of the main issues see

    ‘The Decline Need for UK Produced Coal’ and ‘The Coalition Government’s Energy Policy and the Minorca Application @


  3. ….We don’t need both: either will do the trick….

    Only if the trick is actually to cut carbon emissions for the cheapest possible cost

  4. The more I look at this AGW shtick the more it takes on the aspect of a religion.
    This isn’t about saving the planet. This is about how tall the spires on cathedrals should be.

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