Wikio rankings

1 The Economist – Democracy in America
2 The Economist – Free exchange
3 BBC NEWS | Peston\’s Picks
4 Tim Worstall
5 The Adam Smith Institute Blog
6 Tax Research UK
7 BBC NEWS | Stephanomics
8 beyondbrics
9 BBC NEWS | NEWSNIGHT | Idle Scrawl: Paul Mason\’s blog
10 Free Exchange
11 malcolm coles
12 A Fistful of Euros
13 Money: Money blog |
14 Business: Market Forces blog |
15 Economist\’s Forum
16 David Smith\’s
17 White Sun of the Desert
18 This is Money Blog
19 Geary Behaviour Centre
20 Knowing and Making

Ranking made by Wikio

This is, it should be said, mildly pleasing.

For there was a certain person who was very pleased indeed to be high up on this very list last month.

You’ll note Tax Research UK comes in at number 6.

But let’s put that in context: four of the five blogs that beat it are run by either the BBC or the Economist; the other has multiple authors.

And of those that follow Tax Research UK at least eight are run by major media organisations, one (Malcolm Coles) seems to have remarkably little economic content, and some of the others have multiple authors. No others are from a left of centre perspective (well, Paul Mason may well be, but not for the BBC).

And all I did was inform Wikio that I probably should be in their \”Economy\” rankings as well.

Yes, this is all rather trivial, simply shows that I am truly in touch with my inner child.

But being a part of three blogs that are in the top five of that list (for I did, way back when, do some work on the Economist blog) is, as I say, mildly pleasing.

9 thoughts on “Wikio rankings”

  1. Congrats.

    I wonder how much of Richie’s traffic are people sent there by you to go and poke and gawp and laugh at him?

    Tim adds: I think quite a large amount. He thinks near none.

    Ho hum.

  2. Would be interesting to not provide any hot links to Richies site for a period and monitor his ranking to see what happens.

    Copying and pasting the URL for those who really want to read his witterings would still be possible.

    I suspect most readers of your blog already have Richies in their browser history so don’t need much more help to go to his site if they really wanted to.

  3. I won’t click through as a matter of principle since people reading him only encourages the moron (although the readies he blags off the unions for his tendentious flights of hallucinatory bullshit probably encourage him even more.) You should shit-link him instead.

  4. I visit Murphy’s site. I can’t help myself. I post comments that I know won’t get through his censorship policy, but I know that, in order to delete them, he has to read them, and that their content will annoy him. I appreciate this adds to his visitor numbers and self-perceived credibility, and apologise in advance for my future actions

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