Word order in English

Different languages have different rules about word order. Some modify the endings of words so that it doesn\’t really matter all that much where they are in a sentence. Others make word order highly important.

English is a bit of a mish mash in this (as it is in so many other aspects of language).

For example, as written this is unenjoyable. Change the word order and there are those who would enjoy it:

Defence company delivers pre-Christmas jobs blow

Think a really interesting Christmas Party sort of thing….

2 thoughts on “Word order in English”

  1. That’s one of the beauties of Russian, word order isn’t important, you can sling the words together in the order you recall them from your memory. Unfortunately, remembering and applying the grammatical changes to the ending of each word is essential.

  2. The problem with highly inflected languages, as I see it, is that they slow down communication and so presumably thought. Imagine, for example, listening to Cicero’s Latin and you would have little idea of what he was saying until he got to the end of his sentence. Is Russian similar?

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