Yet even more book

Amazon review of it:

This noisy polemic is by Tim Worstall, member of the Adam Smith Institute, press officer for the UKIP and commodity trader. He\’s not a climate scientist, so it\’s safe to ignore him.
Except… he\’s an economist, and a good one. And here he examines the recommendations of the global warming lobby through the lens of some really basic economic axioms.
Seen through the optic of Smith\’s needle factory, Bastiat\’s broken windows and Ricardo\’s theory of comparative advantage, all (ALL) the prescriptions for reducing global warming are wrong. Farmers\’ markets, green subsidies, compulsory sterilisation and one world government are \”remedies\” which will not achieve their aims and will make us much poorer.

This book is likely to be bought and read only by committed deniers, which is a pity. It should (and can – there is no math) be read by anyone without any grounding in economics. I would recommend it to our ruling class. What did we do to deserve such pig ignorant bosses?

Er, Fellow at the ASI, used to be press officer for UKIP and am a commodity wholesaler rather than trader (that is, I go out and find actual physical material which gets fed into factories, not play with futures and options, things which don\’t exist in hte materials I deal with).

Oh, and not an economist, even if I often try to think like one.

But I like the general thrust of the review…..

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