A hit, a veritable hit

Don Boudreaux:

If being a collection of shrewd political compromises justifies a document’s text being interpreted loosely, why stop with the Constitution?  Extend this principle to all legislation.  And let’s begin with history’s greatest collection of shrewd political compromises, the U.S. tax code.

Interpreting that code as a living document, it strikes me that the word “income” is best read as “bunny rabbits.”  I will remit to Uncle Sam approximately 25 percent of all bunny rabbits that I acquire this year.

5 thoughts on “A hit, a veritable hit”

  1. The title of this post – “a hit, a veritable hit”, is a phrase that I’ve only ever read before in an Asterix comic.
    Is that where it comes from?

    Tim adds: Could be….subconsciously mind…..

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