A modest linguistic proposal

I find myself, strangely, agreeing with Jon Worth:

First of all the terms ‘pro-European’ and ‘Eurosceptic’ should be abandoned.

I suggest that they be replaced with, respectively, \”federast\” and \”rational\”.

3 thoughts on “A modest linguistic proposal”

  1. Oh Timmy you git.

    You first introduce me to Ritchie. With even my limited grasp of economics I am alternating between fits of laughter and rage.

    And then this priceless gem.

    Keep up the good work we need to beat these scum for the sake of us and our children.

  2. He says:

    …..My main issue with this term (eurosceptic) is that it too offers no sensible or credible vision of how the future could look…….

    I have seen a thousand ideas, ranging from fruit loopey, to emminently sensible. However to accept this means to lose the argument.

    They just claim anything other than their position is not credible, it saves the bother of defending a position.

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