A question from Ritchie that we can answer

What is the alternative to an economy built on finance?

It\’s a good question too.

The answer being the economy we\’ve got.

The City is 3-4% of the economy, the wider financial sector (car and life insurance, pensions etc) around 8 or 9%.

So, given that 91-97% of our current economy is not finance I\’d posit that we\’ve found and got an alternative to an economy built on finance.

5 thoughts on “A question from Ritchie that we can answer”

  1. The House of Murph answers the question itself:

    “The creation of a new, viable, narrative is what we need.”

    We can all sit around spinning ourselves fantasies.

    Sounds like we need another Labour Government

  2. “an economy built on finance”: by what test can I tell whether an economy is built on any particular sector?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Yeah but does he mean we need fewer banks or does he mean we need to ban interest rates?

    In short, is he nuts or bat-shit crazy insane?

  4. Bearing in mind that Richie thinks “the economy” is that which his directed by the secretariat and funded by taxation. Finance is a major contributor to taxation, beyond its share of GDP

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