Absolutely fascinating

Polar bear swims for nine days.

This is now evidence that polar bears are threatened. When not all that long ago the thought that polar bears might have to swim 10 miles was evidence that they\’re threatened.

3 thoughts on “Absolutely fascinating”

  1. And the first question that occurred to me was “How many polar bears didn’t need to swim for 9 days?”

    Outstanding cases, however newsworthy, don’t give you any idea about the distribution. If they were saying, for example, the median water crossing had increased from 5 miles to 20 miles and the number required had also doubled, that would give you some idea of the change. Although you’d still be guessing at the practical impact …

  2. It also demonstrates that evolution has given at least some polar bears the ability to swim for nine days, which implies that they have had the occasional need to do so for thousands of years, and this is perhaps not a new thing.

  3. It’s when the polar bears swim to Shetland that people should worry. Especially the people of southern Alabama.

    WKPD he say:
    “..hardiness zones are informative: the extremes of winter cold ….when comparing the Shetland Islands and southern Alabama, which are both on the boundary of zones 8 and 9 and share the same winter minima, ..”

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